DanceNew ZealandMusic Video

An Edgy Fusion of Hip Hop with Persian Music. - CHAII: Lightswitch (Music Video)

Krister Axel
Hip HopNew Zealand

Fresh Cloud Hop from Auckland. - Riverside: Daydream

Krister Axel
ElectronicNew ZealandDance

Sparse Pop Jams from New Zealand. - JAN x LEONARD: Only Find it Here

Krister Axel

Other news in New Zealand

Pop Artist from New Zealand Explores Coffee as a Metaphor for Love. - Thomas Oliver: Coffee (Music Video)

A pop-friendly vocal performance with hints of soul combines with an infectious rhythm, and explores the depth of affection and positive disposition that true love can bring.…

Funk and Electro Combined FFO Alle Farben. - Leonard: Pull Me Closer

When the guitar guitar solo finally arrives, we are treated to a succinct and jazz-flavored study in effortless musicianship.…

Americana Duet with Robert Ellis. - Jamie McDell: Worst Crime

Retraces the steps of a lost love, with equal helpings of country roots and self-incrimination.…

Indie Noise Rock from New Zealand. - Charcoal Burners: The Verlaines and Husker Du

We find catharsis in the flames of our burned-up memories.…

Auckland Indie Pop. - BENEE: Evil Spider

Explores the rich moments of love-struck madness with a sense of poise and easy flow.…

New Zealand Folk. - Jamie McDell: Extraordinary Girl

The love we have for ourselves should always be non-negotiable.…