Hip HopNew Zealand

Fresh Cloud Hop from Auckland. - Riverside: Daydream

Krister Axel
ElectronicNew ZealandDance

Sparse Pop Jams from New Zealand. - JAN x LEONARD: Only Find it Here

Krister Axel
Folk PopNew Zealand

Pop Artist from New Zealand Explores Coffee as a Metaphor for Love. - Thomas Oliver: Coffee (Music Video)

Krister Axel

Other news in New Zealand

Funk and Electro Combined FFO Alle Farben. - Leonard: Pull Me Closer

When the guitar guitar solo finally arrives, we are treated to a succinct and jazz-flavored study in effortless musicianship.…

Americana Duet with Robert Ellis. - Jamie McDell: Worst Crime

Retraces the steps of a lost love, with equal helpings of country roots and self-incrimination.…

Indie Noise Rock from New Zealand. - Charcoal Burners: The Verlaines and Husker Du

We find catharsis in the flames of our burned-up memories.…

Auckland Indie Pop. - BENEE: Evil Spider

Explores the rich moments of love-struck madness with a sense of poise and easy flow.…

New Zealand Folk. - Jamie McDell: Extraordinary Girl

The love we have for ourselves should always be non-negotiable.…

Kelsy Karter - Harry

A deep and satisfying fantasy about eating pancakes, a la Styles. Probably naked.…