SoulUSAMusic Video

King James Worthy: The New Definition of Millennial R&B Cool (Music Video)

The Millennial General
RootsMusic VideoUK

Sensitive Pop from Newcastle for Fans of Rufus Wainwright. - AJIMAL: I've Known Your Heart

Krister Axel
Hip HopMusic VideoUSA

Classic Hip Hop from Chicago. - Tha Keepaz: 33 (Music Video)

Krister Axel

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An Empowering Mix of Indie Rock and Electronic Pop. - Victoria Canal: Victoria

A spectacular vocal performance and a dynamic sound that is dressed in layers of synth-pop and vocoder-assisted production magic.…

Musical Poetry from Berlin Explores Feelings of Nostalgia and Hope. - Aude Langlois: En Transit

Even a fading relationship can be repurposed as a sort of reunion with the self. - photo credit: Oliver Blohm…

Sensual Indie Pop Grooves from Germany FFO John Mayer. - LOST: Jealous (Music Video)

LOST continues to make his mark as one of the top indie pop acts to come out of Germany in recent years.…

Haunting Indie Folk from Scotland Heals Trauma with the Power of Music. - Constant Follower: Set Aside Some Time (Music Video)

What we love today, may be gone tomorrow. Yet, the heart persists.…

Sizzling Electronic Dance Music from Romania. - SICKOTOY x EM44: Gasolina

This summery electronic dance track combines Sickotoy's signature beats with a melodic hook in Spanish from EM44 and some heavy-hitting bass synth.…

Deep Soul Vibes from England for Fans of Galimatias. - Beau Diako: Animal

Lays down a lighthearted and effervescent groove that celebrates the magic of personal connection, and makes the case for primal love as the greatest force in the world. - photo credit: Megan Courtis…