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. Folk Pop

Roots Folk from Australia FFO Alexi Murdoch. - Michael Dunstan: An Open Road (Music Video)

Acoustic guitar, vocal harmony, and the sound of a kick drum is all it takes to project an image of peace and solitude across the impenetrable sky.
. Indie Rock

Indie Rock for a Cloudy Day. - Casual Male: Laughter From The Beach

Joins the raucous energy of Wilco with the production aesthetic and accessibility of Mark Ronson.
. Dance

Edgy Electro Pop from Los Angeles. - SUGR?: Make It Hurt

The refreshing delivery of unexpected robot-harmony, deep syncopation, and an edgy vocal delivery.
. Indie Rock

Melodic Indie Rock from NYC. - Presidio: One More Day

Walking proof that two voices are stronger than one.
. Indie Rock

Electronic Alt Rock FFO Bat For Lashes. - Natalie Walker: Starry Eyed Kids

A blissfully pure combination of straight, snare-heavy groove, and an alt-rock vocal delivery drenched in hooks.
. Folk Pop

Indie Folk for America's Scrappiest Underdog. - Jaymison: Robert De Niro

The angry young actor from Taxi Driver who 'found the other side' underpins a theme of scrappy stick-to-itiveness.
. Roots

High Energy Country Rock. - Jerry Jacobs: Kinda Carolina

A high-energy anthem for the country girl in your life that feels like home.
. Folk Pop

Lap-Steel Magic and Americana FFO Brent Cobb. - Brendan Willing James: Curveball

Life is beautiful, even when we are lost.
. Soul

Electronic Soul-Pop FFO Maxwell. - Mathenee Treco: Crucial

His lively and dynamic voice is already well-known to legions of Hamilton junkies.
. Folk Pop

Psychedelic Indie Folk Pop. - Getaway Dogs: Only in Retrospect

A beautiful, acoustic moment spent cozying up to the peaceful essence of life.
. Folk Pop

Authentic Indie Pop FFO William Fitzsimmons. - Chance Peña: Beyond the View

Distills the uncertainty of self-discovery into an authentic vulnerability and the power of raw truth-telling.
. Indie Rock

SoCal Indie Pop FFO Des Rocs. - Aaron Taos: Closure

Invites us to find the ending, and to set ourselves free from the past that binds us.