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. Soul

Swiss Neo Soul. - Listen to Ay Wing, Chuuwee, Shuko: Orange Dreamer

Ay Wing reminisces about her time spent in Los Angeles last summer, and pens an ode to temporal beauty and the changing seasons.
. Folk Pop

Upbeat Folk Pop from New York FFO The Chainsmokers. - Brothers Page: Back To You

A barrage of pop hooks that showcases a laser-sharp sibling harmony and the impressive musicality of two rising Instagram celebrities.
. Hip Hop

Long Beach Hip Hop Groove. - Max MacVeety: SEEN

A shout-out to underrepresented people everywhere: this is your time to be heard.
. Lifestyle

Indie Rock Zen. - Bardo Stars: Aum Namah Shivaya IV (Alan's Tune)

Enjoy this super-chill meditation with smooth psychedelic guitar music featuring the voice of legendary Zen master Alan Watts.
. Roots

Roots and Reggae from CHILLFILTRĀ® Music Blogger Krister Axel: Easy

This roots-reggae track features a core groove on electric bass, cajon, and acoustic guitar.
. Folk Pop

Hollow Coves - When We Were Young

A unique language of the soul, written with heartbreak and redemption, and a sort of wisdom that is grateful for all of the little things. photo credit: Nick G
. Electronic

Ohio Electro Pop. - Clubhouse: Lucky Soul

Be grateful for what you have, because the best gifts don't last forever.
. Indie Rock

Indie Rock Outlaws. - Bad Flamingo: Fire

A strong sense of mojo and a slinky groove elevate this sensual invocation of love.
. Indie Rock

Estherlivia - I'm Going Home

The perfect soundtrack for a personal rebellion. This one is about you.
. Indie Rock

Brisbane Indie Pop. - Hazlett: Suncats

Everything can be beautiful. It's just that sometimes, you have to wait.
. Indie Rock

Indie Rock from Iowa. - yeardley: wedding preparations in the country

We follow the tumbling drum pocket through a tunnel of half-logic and casual observation - under the influence, and among friends.
. Roots

The Ruralists - Your Bones Get Old

A statement about the true value of life, and a reminder that even infinite possibility doesn't last forever.