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Lyric video

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. Indie Rock

Languid Dream Pop from Albany. - Laveda: If Only (You Said No)

Laveda brings their unique, collaborative vision to an extension of 90's shoegaze, and into the modern spectrum of languid dream-pop.
. Folk Pop

Understated Acoustic Folk FFO Bon Iver. - Jesper Hasnaoui: Warm Night In Oslo

A soothing and romantic moment of introspection, served over an understated shuffle and a complement of muted brass.
. Electronic

Bouncy Electro Pop from Portland. - Zoë Ferguson: Medicine

Delivers a beautiful moment of personal redemption that is perfect for anyone bouncing back from a bad relationship.
. Instrumental

Haunting Ambient Music from Sweden. - LEHNBERG x Slim Vic: Du Berättade för Mig

Mixes a haunting sense of melody with swirling, atmospheric sounds, electric piano, and vintage synthesizers.
. Indie Rock

Dynamic Indie Rock FFO Aimee Mann. - Margaux: Cave In

A refreshing combination of emotional self-scrutiny and effortless musicianship, mixed with a keen sense for melodic hooks and raw indie-rock mojo.
. Folk Pop

Infectious Acoustic Indie Pop from South Africa. - Matt Carstens: High

Matt Carstens is ready to take his chances on the rapture of an instant chemistry, with a bold and unapologetic commitment to living his life to the fullest.
. Electronic

RnB-Flavored Electro Jam from Cameroon. - Suhz8: Djoum Dans Le Zen

Delivers an uplifting and optimistic view of life, steeped in a polyrhythmic groove and a nuanced vocal performance that feels informed by a cosmic wisdom.
. Folk Pop

Acoustic Indie Pop from Long Island. - Josh Tobias: Like Yourself

A song about fighting with your lover and your inner demons at the same time.
. Roots

Indie Folk from Nashville. - Listen to Joel Levi: Wanna Be Somebody Else

The warm baritone vocal, the acoustic guitar, and the circular chord structure all contribute to a dream state in which we pine for the destiny we once thought was possible.
. Roots

Nashville Indie Pop. - Alexander Wren: The Good In Goodbye (Alternate Version)

In finding his way towards personal expression, Wren stumbled on this story of heartbreak and realized that it was universal.
. Roots

Modern Ambient Fiddle Music from Michigan. - Laurel Premo: The Brushy Fork of John's Creek

Presents a bold and dynamic instrumental narrative that mimics the flow of water and the natural turbulence of nature itself.
. Soul

Smooth Soul Pop FFO Allen Stone. - Quincy Mumford: Lost In Your Pleasure

A bouncy groove, a playful flirtation, and a smooth lead vocal come together to support this soul-pop track that is perfect for fans of Allen Stone.