Modern Ambient Fiddle Music from Michigan. - Laurel Premo: The Brushy Fork of John's Creek

Krister Axel
ElectronicEULyric video

Innovative Electro Pop from Germany. - Hundreds: Body of Water (Lyric Video)

Krister Axel
ElectronicEULyric video

Explosive Electro Pop from Stockholm. - Discrete x Sistek: Typo (ft. Tudor, Voss)

Krister Axel

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Touching Indie Folk from London. - Mungo Parker: Grace

A sweet and fluid sense of lyricism, seasoned with hints of poetry and a halting arrangement that yields rich moments of introspective pause.…

Country Anthem to Self Acceptance. - Ron Pope: Habits

The sooner we get to figuring out who we are, and the sooner we can move beyond expectations and anxiety into a world of self-acceptance, the happier we are likely to be.…

Wistful Electro Pop FFO Frank Ocean. - HOFFEY: Holiday

A relaxed and wistful sound that brings together a bouncy groove with the magic of true love. photo credit: @dalinphoto…

Fresh Indie Folk-Pop from Amsterdam. - Lewin: Don't You Dare (premiere)

A refreshing mix of emotional authenticity and beautiful folk-pop songcraft.…

Buttery Downtempo Soul from Berlin. - Ben Esser: Stripes ft. emawk

Stripes touts a refreshing simplicity, combining an introspective lyricism with a sense of electronic rapture.…

Languid Dream Pop from Albany. - Laveda: If Only (You Said No)

Laveda brings their unique, collaborative vision to an extension of 90's shoegaze, and into the modern spectrum of languid dream-pop.…