In Support of the Ocean Outlaw Project. - Music by Monty Datta, Trinix, and 7apes

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Top 5 Reasons Why Radio.co is a Bad Choice for Music Broadcasters

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Hell's Itch. - My Worst Day in Recent Memory.

Krister Axel

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You Don't Need Expensive Equipment to Make Amazing Music. - A Discussion of How Industry Standards Have Changed.

Spotify gets 20,000 new song submissions every day. Having a nice microphone will not set you apart - but having a fresh and creative approach to working within your limits, whatever they are, will make all the difference.…

The Affordable Housing of Tomorrow. - Boxabl Includes Luxury Finishes and High End Appliances with Innovative New Design.

Boxabl is changing the market for prefabricated housing with their unique folding units that easily ship and unfold in just 2 hours.…

Making the Transition to Soundiiz from Soundsgood. - The Good, the Bad, the Automatic

For my top playlists, I use Soundiiz to automate a daily refresh from the Spotify master list to SoundCloud, Deezer, and YouTube music. Syncing with Apple Music is still done by hand.…

Live Blogging the Coronavirus Outbreak from Ashland, Oregon: This is Why Your Parents Support Trump.

It feels good to be a hero. Until you realize that everyone has feelings - even the people you don't like. - photo credit: TK Hammonds…

Live Blogging the Coronavirus Outbreak from Ashland, Oregon: Good News, Bad News

Our Democracy is on life-support right now. The stakes could not be higher.…

Live Blogging the Coronavirus Outbreak from Ashland, Oregon: At Least One More Month of Quarantine

Confrontation, to me, is awkward in all its forms.…