This is where I just write about the things that I care about. I expect to have mostly zero people read anything on this page. It is pure nonsense.

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Your Sadness is Power & Self-Honesty is Always First. - Indie Music on Tap S2E4

It's real. You are right to feel that way. Right now, nothing is normal.
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My only surviving test from Composition school

My teacher had a thing for Copeland and Bartok. They were kind of a big deal.
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This is the best I have ever looked on TV.

Remember me thusly when I am at the pearly gates.
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Indie Rock Zen. - Bardo Stars: Aum Namah Shivaya IV (Alan's Tune)

Enjoy this super-chill meditation with smooth psychedelic guitar music featuring the voice of legendary Zen master Alan Watts.

All the important messages are the quietest. - Indie Music on Tap: S2E3

Dan is a middle child, who was always rebellious and found his voice as a sibling by pivoting away from the domineering first child, and the happy-go-lucky last child, as a sullen and precocious artist. That was the academic path Dan chose for himself: art.
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New Beginnings. - Indie Music on Tap: S2E2

Wherein we discuss the importance of finding personal stillness.
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Depression, Introduced. - Indie Music on Tap: S2E1

Architects vs Gardeners, The Myth of Fully Automatic, and Multi-Classing. Why Are We Depressed, & What Do We Need To Let Go Of?
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Alone is a Symbol of Our Dystopian Future

Mother Nature is nothing if she isn't rugged.
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In Memoriam Bjorn Tidics

He loved a good Western, his dog Sophie, Fettuccine Alfredo, and frequent trips to the candy store. He will be missed, very much.
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5 Tips for Helping Your SubmitHub Campaign to Stand Out

On SubmitHub everyone has a schedule, and knowing the specifics about it is one of the details that can help you get the most out of your premium credits.
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In Ashland, Oregon, the Local Businesses Come and Go

Kids were excited, lots of parents got dressed up, and the streets were buzzing with talk of Hufflepuffs and games of Quidditch.
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Seize the Moment - Lenses for Your Smartphone Camera

This exciting new technology is enabling a whole new market for lenses, where an anamorphic lens used to cost thousands of dollars. Now you can have one for just over $100. What a world.