Folk PopIreland

Vulnerable Indie Pop from Ireland. - Orla Gartland: Heavy

Krister Axel

Instrumental Hip Hop from Ireland. - NOGYMX: Red Oceans

Krister Axel

JC Stewart - Bones

Krister Axel

Other news in Ireland

From The Bogs Of Aughiska - The Devil Is An Irish Man

Just because we can’t see the darkness doesn’t mean it isn’t there.…

Get Some. - Soulé: Love Tonight

Working its way into your heart with an effervescent groove and a simple message of adoration.…

Rob Cawley - Caterpillar

The melodic figure almost feels like a clock-chime, relentlessly pushing through the arrangement.…

In Their Thousands - Acrasia

There's that pulsing, laid-back vibe, on a bed of dry groove, with some very simple, almost mantric language.…

Owen Gallagher - Messed Up Love

Messed Up Love is a fast-pulse melody-driven rock number with a strong personality and a plush lead vocal. We love the simple message: be yourself.…

Moncrieff - Serial Killer

The production flourishes only add to the stop-and-go mystery, and the Hozier-like soul voice is entrancing.…