Traditional Irish Folk Song in Honor of Those We Have Lost to Coronavirus. - Daoirí Farrell: The Parting Glass

Krister Axel
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Stunning Folk Pop Duet Mixes Hope & Solitude. - The Coronas x Gabrielle Aplin: Lost in The Thick of It (Music Video)

Krister Axel

Weekly Winner. - Introducing: California Sunshine by Michael Cunningham

Krister Axel

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Indie Pop from Ireland Explores a Dangerous Love. - Picture This: Troublemaker (Lyric Video)

This upbeat, narrative toe-tapper is the perfect match for a dangerous love: it is daring, unapologetic, and impatient.…

Uplifting Alt Pop from Ireland. - Flynn: One of Us (Music Video)

This uplifting song of personal redemption delivers big hooks and an overwhelming sense that friendship is the best medicine for a lonely heart.…

Mournful Indie Folk Masterpiece from Ireland. - Tiz McNamara: April Fool

Combines personal catharsis, emotional vulnerability, and a dream-sequence of repressed memories to reach a final state of self-acceptance.…

Passionate Soul Pop from Ireland. - Lilla Vargen: Cold (Music Video)

Everyone deserves a love that feels safe.…

Dark Post Punk from Dublin. - The Murder Capital: For Everything [Tapetown Sessions] (Live Video)

Matches a rare sense of tenderness with the creative power of loneliness, by suspending gloomy poetics over a seething Morris-style drum pocket and heavy guitars.…

Cheat Codes Collaborator Drops new Dance Burner from Ireland. - Daniel Blume: Nights Like This (Music Video)

Explores the complicated feelings we can have for our ex-lovers - one moment we are fine, and the next, we are swimming in an ocean of old feelings.…