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Krister Axel
Indie RockUSA

Alt Pop Explores the Broken Pieces of Failed Romance. - Alex O'aiza: Hazy

Krister Axel
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Catchy Lo-Fi Indie Pop from Los Angeles. - JAWNY: Anything You Want (Music Video)

Krister Axel

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Indie Rock Meets Blues in a Testament to Life on the Road. - I am Korny: Sleep Ain't Paying My Dues

These are songs of itinerant spirituality, of voodoo blessings, and gritty timelessness.…

Edgy and Aggressive Indie Rock from Toronto. - DYLYN: Call Me What You Want (Music Video)

Relish the self-affirming, party-all-night mojo of a pop star on the rise.…

Orchestral Alt Folk from Montreal. - Jim Audet: The Buzzman

A statement about the showdown between artistic inspiration and the greedy forces of commercial appropriation.…

Brooding Alt Pop from Brooklyn. - Sam Himself: Like A Friend (Music Video)

Revels in the movement between old aspirations and the reality of current circumstance.…

Introducing - History Kids: Can You Save Me

The groove is deep and conjures images of red wine, yachts, and warm pacific breezes.…

Weekly Winner. - A Different Drum by Patrick Griffin

A moving ode to the once-in-a-lifetime moments that make us who we are.…