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Musical Poetry from Berlin Explores Feelings of Nostalgia and Hope. - Aude Langlois: En Transit

Krister Axel
Indie RockEUMusic Video

Sensual Indie Pop Grooves from Germany FFO John Mayer. - LOST: Jealous (Music Video)

Krister Axel
Indie RockEU

Cheerful Indie Pop from the Netherlands. - Blanks: Favorite Nightmare

Krister Axel

Other news in Indie Rock

Emerging Indie Star Makes Peace with Hardship in a Nod to 90s Alt Pop. - Qinn: Lemonade

A song about working around the limitations of circumstance, and finding the inner strength to make 'lemonade from lemons' when other options are not available.…

Edgy Indie Pop from Los Angeles. - Aaron Taos x Lonely God x Huron John - Control (Remix)

A mix of straight drum groove and surf guitar brings to mind the early days of New Wave, while the melody and vocal mix shoot straight for the heart of modern lo-fi pop.…

Upbeat Indie Pop from Northern California. - Leon in the Wild: You Can Leave a Mess in Here

This circular, pop-friendly introspection will have you cruising up highway 1, window down, chasing a pacific sunset into the forests of Mount Tamalpais.…

Weekly Winner. - Bad Day by Burlington

This endearing, folk-styled pop groove is here to remind you that you are loved, even at your lowest.…

Upbeat Indie Rock from Virginia. - Stray Fossa: For What Was

Balances a warm snare tone against a controlled-chaos of electric guitar, electronic hooks, and enchanting melody. - photo credit: Ignited Creative…

Indie Pop & Personal Catharsis from Los Angeles. - Sarah Walk: Unravel

As this dynamic and cinematic pop track evolves from vulnerable to resolute, we experience the richness of true self-realization.…