Hip HopUSA

Inspirational Hip Hop from Birmingham. - JusBadd: Above It All (Music Video)

Krister Axel
Hip HopUK

Edgy Alternative Hip Hop from London. - GR3YWXLF: Villainy

Krister Axel
Hip HopAsia

A Mellow Mix of RnB and Hip Hop from India. - Tushar Mathur x Shayan Roy: Stepping About

Krister Axel

Other news in Hip Hop

Laid Back Hip Hop Grooves Just in Time for Summer. - Ay Wing x Mark Battles x Shuko: Luv Lyve

If we appreciate the high moments with gratitude, and withstand the low points with humility, we just might grow into the cosmic wisdom that is our purpose. - artwork credit: trippiesteff…

Friday Night Reggaeton Jam from DC. - ARIA: Reckless

This YOLO anthem is your new favorite soundtrack for causing trouble with your crew.…

Fresh Cloud Hop from Auckland. - Riverside: Daydream

Pinpoints the moment when we become lost in our own sense of imagination - a place of pure excitement, and unfettered optimism.…

Gritty Hip Hop and Indie Pop from Fort Myers. - BabyJake: Confidant

An indie-pop groove builds into a personal conversation about walking away from a relationship once the line of propriety has been crossed.…

Wistful Hip Hop from Toronto for Fans of Eminem. - Max Wassen: Growing Pains

A poetic flow about the fleeting innocence of youth, along with a reminder that we all need time to slow down and appreciate the moments that don't come back.…

Edgy Pop Sugar Mixes Hip Hop and Disco. - Yes Please: Half Nelson

Life is strange, love is crazy. At least we have the music.…