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Listen to This Dreamy Lo-Fi Jam from Montreal. - Hansom Ēli: Summer Rise (Music Video)

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Record Breaking Hip Hop from South London Honors Dark Skin and Inner Beauty. - Ramz: Underneath (Music Video)

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Heartfelt Hip Hop from Los Angeles. - Dax: BLACK LIVES MATTER (Music Video)

Krister Axel

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Say Their Names. - A Tribute to Black Lives Matter

I think of the parents, the children, the communities. We have to do better. This has to stop. End police violence, now.…

Uplifting hip Hop from Atlanta. - Nesha Nycee: Another Day

A refreshing and energetic approach to songwriting joins with a message of self-empowerment to deliver an anthem for underserved communities around the world.…

Illuminating Hip Hop Explores a World of Compromises. - Brian Fender x TxTHEWAY: Running Outta Time

An intimate and illuminating narrative about what it takes to find inspiration in a world that chooses not to see the best in you.…

Social Commentary Disguised as Smooth Hip Hop from Toronto. - King Bliss: Chalice

Documents a harsh day-to-day reality, and the instinct that is necessary to survive in a world of systemic injustice and double standards.…

Existential Hip Hop from Sheffield in Collab with Future Islands. - Otis Mensah x Hemlock Ernst: Breath of Life

Offers listeners a moment to confront their own, internal contradictions of spirit and intention.…

Inspirational Hip Hop from Birmingham. - JusBadd: Above It All (Music Video)

An inspirational banger with a vintage feel and a welcome message of hope.…