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Spellbinding Indie Folk from Murray, Kentucky - S.G Goodman: Red Bird Morning (Music Video)

Krister Axel
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Gorgeous Folk Pop from Germany for Fans of Alexi Murdoch. - Marla Hansen: One Steps Up

Krister Axel
Folk PopRootsUSA

Sweet Alt Folk from Philadelphia for Fans of Laura Marling. - Eliza Edens: Days, Nights

Krister Axel

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Energetic Chamber Pop from Nashville. - K.S. Rhoads: Chess (Music Video)

One of the Nashville non-country music scene’s most multi-faceted pioneers offers up captivating vocals and carefully-crafted, complex musical arrangements.…

CHILLFILTR Founder Drops Indie Folk EP For Fans of Jackson Browne. - Krister Axel: Last Night I Dreamed I Was Awake

A distinctive style of warm & melodic vocal delivery couples with a lifelong commitment towards concise and colorful metaphor to yield a sonic masterpiece that conjures images of Anderson East, Hollow Coves, and Didirri.…

Delicate Folk Pop from Oklahoma City. - Josh Fudge: Meet Me in Seattle

A relationship, seen in the rear-view mirror, can yield an unspeakable gift of self-reflection.…

Mournful Indie Folk Masterpiece from Ireland. - Tiz McNamara: April Fool

Combines personal catharsis, emotional vulnerability, and a dream-sequence of repressed memories to reach a final state of self-acceptance.…

Angelic Piano Pop from Berlin for Fans of Rufus Wainwright. - Andreas Vey: The One (Music Video)

Empty streets and an empty heart can, together, create beauty from the rich silence of a city that sleeps.…

Melancholic Folk Pop from Austin. - David Ramirez: I Wanna Live In Your Bedroom

The combination of soft acoustic drums, dreamy waves of vocal harmony, and a delicate piano captures the essence of a heart, just before it breaks.…