Folk PopUSA

Stunning Folk Pop from California for Fans of Josie Dunne. - Lucy Clearwater: Feel Again

Krister Axel
Folk PopNorway

Vulnerable Folk Pop for Fans of Deerhunter. - Simen Mitlid: Birds

Krister Axel
Folk PopUKIreland

Stunning Folk Pop Duet Mixes Hope & Solitude. - The Coronas x Gabrielle Aplin: Lost in The Thick of It (Music Video)

Krister Axel

Other news in Folk Pop

Energetic Folk Pop for Fans of Fleet Foxes. - Callum Pitt: Out Of The Trees

Takes influence from Bon Iver, while adding a driving bass-line and energetic drum performance for a hook-drenched moment of raw expression that feels like an instant classic of brooding folk-pop. - photo credit: Daniel Stark…

Uplifting Acoustic Pop from Spain. - Luna Keller: I'll Bring You Home

May we all benefit from the love of someone who will lift us up when we fall.…

Acoustic Ballad from Nashville Explores Emotional Isolation. - Josie Dunne: Lost (Music Video)

Leaves us all with something to learn about a modern landscape of conflicting priorities that so often leads to emotional paralysis.…

Unforgettable Indie Folk from London. - Grace Gillespie: Goodbye

A roots-driven pop jam that features acoustic guitar, organic live drums, and a sense of poetic introspection that is delivered with confidence and restraint.…

CSN Folk Classic Revisited. - Tall Heights x Ryan Montbleau: Helplessly Hoping

All we can do is helplessly hope. We're alone and we're for each other.…

Redemptive Chamber Pop from Amsterdam. - Celine Cairo: Found A Light

Exposes the sensitive core of the human heart, and delivers a unique and gorgeous sound in the process of finding personal strength.…