Folk PopEU

Wistful Folk Pop from Ireland. - Joe Cleere: Innocence (From Your Eyes)

Krister Axel
Folk PopCanada

Haunting Roots Pop for Fans of Adrianne Lenker. - Vikki Gilmore: Doubt of My Mind

Krister Axel
Folk PopEUMusic Video

Haunting Indie Folk from Scotland Heals Trauma with the Power of Music. - Constant Follower: Set Aside Some Time (Music Video)

Krister Axel

Other news in Folk Pop

Captivating Indie Folk from London Explores the Dark Side of Capitalism. - Sandtimer: Three Cars

As we examine the trappings of economic decadence, we discover that the difference between prize and burden is not always plain.…

Indie Folk Gem for Fans of Cat Stevens. - Sonny Winnebago: Little Sun

An infectious, folk-inspired track that combines a wistful sense of nostalgia with strong pop melodies and a deliberative intimacy.…

Poignant Piano Pop from Glasgow Fuses Jazz and Folk. - Christy: Pictures

There are times that simply loving someone is not enough of a reason to stay together.…

Weekly Winner. - The Night Is In My Bones by Bobby Shoebotham

This peppy roots-jam celebrates the simple joy of solitude, and the intimate places that a creative mind will go when the rest of the world is sleeping.…

Haunting Indie Folk from Goldsmiths University Graduate. - Lila Tristram: Our Friends

It is both terrible and intoxicating to know that we are truly alone.…

Romantic Folk Pop for Fans of Ed Sheeran - Peter Olsen: Daydream

A worthy ode to the transformative power of true love.…