Weekly Winner. - Colourblind by Dave McKendry

Krister Axel
DanceEUMusic Video

Sizzling Electronic Dance Music from Romania. - SICKOTOY x EM44: Gasolina

Krister Axel

Smoldering Dance Pop from Romania. - Gran Error: Slow Dance (Music Video)

Krister Axel

Other news in EU

Chill Beats from Germany in the Balearic Style. - Thomas Lemmer: Awakening

The music of Thomas Lemmer is synonymous with relaxation, mellow beats, and the use of electronic sounds to create a safe space for introspection and healing.…

Weekly Winner. - The Night Comes by The Alien Cormorant & Cecilia Miradoli

A refreshing mix of operatic vocals with indie-rock grooves, jazz phrasing, and subtle hints of experimental pop.…

RnB Collaboration Delivers Fresh Summer Vibes. - Moods x Two Another: Control

Sometimes it feels good to just go with the flow.…

Record Breaking Hip Hop from South London Honors Dark Skin and Inner Beauty. - Ramz: Underneath (Music Video)

A powerful statement about the need to be seen, and the realization that true beauty lies under the skin.…

All-Star Latin Dance Pop Collaboration Drops Summer Anthem of the Year. - R3HAB, TINI & Reik: Bésame (I Need You)

A subtle fusion of signature sounds from three of the top names in electronic dance music and Latin pop.…

Indie Rock Meets Blues in a Testament to Life on the Road. - I am Korny: Sleep Ain't Paying My Dues

These are songs of itinerant spirituality, of voodoo blessings, and gritty timelessness.…