Deep Downtempo Grooves from Germany. - Jens Buchert: Cocoon

Krister Axel

Soothing & Atmospheric Instrumental from Germany. - Thomas Lemmer x Christoph Sebastian Pabst: Almseemorgen

Krister Axel
Folk PopEU

Uplifting Acoustic Pop from Spain. - Luna Keller: I'll Bring You Home

Krister Axel

Other news in EU

Fresh Indie Pop from Sweden for Fans of Vance Joy. - Aron Blom: Water

Explores the middle-stage conflicts of a developing romance, as the dust settles and the real work starts to happen.…

Laid Back Hip Hop Grooves Just in Time for Summer. - Ay Wing x Mark Battles x Shuko: Luv Lyve

If we appreciate the high moments with gratitude, and withstand the low points with humility, we just might grow into the cosmic wisdom that is our purpose. - artwork credit: trippiesteff…

Redemptive Chamber Pop from Amsterdam. - Celine Cairo: Found A Light

Exposes the sensitive core of the human heart, and delivers a unique and gorgeous sound in the process of finding personal strength.…

Cinematic Electronic Instrumental from France. - HAELIUM: Playgrounds (Music Video)

Let us never be so broken that we do not appreciate the rich promise of the unknown. - photo credit: Serginski…

Upbeat Indie Pop from Berlin. - Parcels: Live From Hansa Studios, Berlin (Vol. 1) [Music Video]

Parcels's combination of jazz, rock, and upbeat pop has resonated with fans of organic music the world over.…

Minimalist Acoustic Folk from Sweden for Fans of Nick Drake. - Freyr: Neighbour Boy

Equal parts storyteller and sonic alchemist, Freyr creates music that taps into the universal fragility of human existence.…