About 15 percent of our submissions come from countries in the EU. Mainly France, Germany, Sweden, and Spain send us tracks - thank you for sending us your music!

. Roots

Folk Pop & Americana from the Netherlands. - Listen to Judy Blank: 1995

For so many songwriters around the world, all it takes is a little taste of Loretta Lynn, or June Carter Cash, or Bill Monroe, to fall in love with that Southern lilt.
. Indie Rock

Indie Pop from Poland FFO Mac DeMarco. - Luke Marzec: In a Haze, Getting Waved

What are we running from - and why is everyone so wasted?
. Dance

Hot Dance Pop from Scotland. - Panuma, Tokyo Project, EMIAH: Siren

A gorgeous combination of energy and flirty compulsion, with a sticky, danceable hook.
. Soul

Swiss Neo Soul. - Listen to Ay Wing, Chuuwee, Shuko: Orange Dreamer

Ay Wing reminisces about her time spent in Los Angeles last summer, and pens an ode to temporal beauty and the changing seasons.
. Electronic

Electro Pop from France. - Minthi: Stay (feat. Laraw)

French electro-pop artist Minthi stresses the importance of connecting with self-love.
. Dance

Austrian Electro Pop. - LOST: Sympathy

LOST croons for a free and anonymous physical commiseration.
. Indie Rock

Estherlivia - I'm Going Home

The perfect soundtrack for a personal rebellion. This one is about you.
. Electronic

Electro Pop from Belgium. - Napoleon Gold: Love Don't Cut Me Down

Love is the contest that we all deserve to win.
. Instrumental

Ed Carlsen - Words

As we examine the way that an aesthetic of downtempo can be applied to the visual dimension, we are left with a lasting sense of ordered chaos.
. Electronic

Janee - Out Of Town (feat. Lunis)

A groovy summer anthem that is perfect for anyone about to hit the road, headed straight for the unknown.
. Indie Rock

Of Monsters and Men - Alligator

Of Monsters and Men has bottled up the energy it takes to be truly free, and now it can be yours. -photo credit: Meredith Truax
. Dance

Alle Farben - Sticker On My Suitcase

Get ready for a bouncy trip around the world with this multi-platinum groovemaker.