Indie RockEUMusic Video

Musical Poetry from Berlin Explores Feelings of Nostalgia and Hope. - Aude Langlois: En Transit

Krister Axel
Indie RockEUMusic Video

Sensual Indie Pop Grooves from Germany FFO John Mayer. - LOST: Jealous (Music Video)

Krister Axel
Folk PopEU

Wistful Folk Pop from Ireland. - Joe Cleere: Innocence (From Your Eyes)

Krister Axel

Other news in EU

Stunning Folk Pop from a Village in Sweden. - Skott: Darling

Delivers a compelling mixture of self-exploration and charming melodic hooks. - photo credit: Peter St James…

Cheerful Indie Pop from the Netherlands. - Blanks: Favorite Nightmare

Reminds us all of that amazing summer with friends, and gives us hope for what the future holds.…

Edgy Dance Pop from Portugal and Chile. - LEROCQUE x Alejandro Reyes: Asesina

Fuses a bilingual sensibility with hints of synth-pop and industrial electronic music, with an instinct for big pop hooks and fresh rhythms.…

Haunting Indie Folk from Scotland Heals Trauma with the Power of Music. - Constant Follower: Set Aside Some Time (Music Video)

What we love today, may be gone tomorrow. Yet, the heart persists.…

Innovative Instrumental Jam from Paris. - Samoun: Chakchouka (Music Video)

An instrumental track that mixes elements of trip hop, contemporary jazz, and downtempo into a funky lo-fi jam.…

Big Pop Hooks in Collab w Top EDM Producer. - BLAZAR x DAXSEN: Tomorrow

Delivers a slick, summertime vibe with big dance energy and a truly original lyric video that feels both fresh and colorful.…