Stripped Down Electro Pop from Los Angeles for Fans of Death Cab for Cutie. - gnash: leave

Krister Axel

Uplifting Alt Pop from Ireland. - Flynn: One of Us (Music Video)

Krister Axel

Underground Bedroom Pop Star Sings in English and Korean. - Yaeji: Waking Up Down (Music Video)

Krister Axel

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Stylish Space Pop from Paris. - L'Impératrice: Exit

With these stylish captains of space-pop sitting on the throne, the world of indie electronic just got a little bit funkier. - photo credit: Gabrielle Riouah…

Lush Synth Pop from Berlin. - Moli: So Jealous (Lyric Video)

When do we acknowledge that the disconnect between reality and Instagram is growing?…

Upbeat Throwback Pop from Dallas. - Logan Prescott: How We Wanted

A throwback pop-vibe combines a thirst for second chances with the sound of vocoders and a sharp electronic drum groove.…

Cinematic Dream Pop from Florida. - MASSIVESAD: At Least I'm Not Bleeding (Prologue)

Captures a fleeting and ethereal sonic vibrancy that draws inspiration from both dream-pop and experimental, cinematic indie-electronic music.…

Ethereal Electro Pop from Brooklyn. - Emmett Kai: Stick To My Guns

With an ear for ethereal effects and catchy melodies, Emmett Kai mixes powerful 808 beats with assorted ear-candy and a low-key, soul-drenched vocal style. - Photo credit: Giselle Keena…

Immersive Chamber Pop from Stockholm. - Winona Oak: Another Story (Music Video)

Whispered vocal tones and a theatrical vibrato with orchestral elements, served over a bed of simmering electronic beats. - photo credit: Julian Gillstrom…