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Indie Pop Jam from Southampton for Fans of James Blake. - Cat Marina: Ex Friends + Bad Endings (Music Video)

Krister Axel

Fresh Indie Pop from Sweden for Fans of Vance Joy. - Aron Blom: Water

Krister Axel

Electro Pop Phenom from Ontario Drops New Single for Wax Records. - noelle: Shades of Blue

Krister Axel

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Cinematic Electronic Instrumental from France. - HAELIUM: Playgrounds (Music Video)

Let us never be so broken that we do not appreciate the rich promise of the unknown. - photo credit: Serginski…

Contemplative Electro Pop from Canada with Hints of Soul. - NIIVA: Love Games (Music Video)

NIIVA combines the lovestruck, throwback artistry of Amy Winehouse with a flair for modern, electronic pop vibes and hints of irreverent, youthful joy.…

Aggressive Alt Pop from Los Angeles. - McCall: Disaster (Official Music Video)

A masterpiece of sound and color that combines a lo-fi visual aesthetic with themes of emotional honesty and sudden rapture.…

Electronic Alt Pop from London for Fans of Radiohead. - Zola Blood: Silver Soul

In love, the end is also a beginning.…

Soulful Electro Pop from Australia. - St. South: Growing Up (Music Video)

A delicate, whispered vocal tone inspires a sense of intimacy, while the laid-back beats and warm synth vibes make us feel at home.…

Confessional Electro Pop from Los Angeles. - Cubs: Out of Minutes

Reconstructs the inner conversation between shame and pride, wrapped in an inviting and subtle electronic groove.…