Electronic music: Electronica, Electro, Indie Electronic, Downtempo, they are all different but similar. This is such a broad genre because it touches on Indie, Dance, and Afrobeat, and above all it is easy to make high-quality recordings for one person with minimal equipment. The songs are able to shine because anyone can do anything in this space with a good idea and some ingenuity.

. Electronic

Smoky Electro Pop from Toronto FFO Banks. - KYŁO: Tell You

An unsettling view of a love that has already closed down, and a musical search for salvation from the tepid haze of indecision.
. Electronic

Slick Future Bass Grooves from Germany. - Fuchy x Novaa x Simonne Jones: Miss Your Body

Wherein we explore femininity and the female form as an infinite source of inspiration.
. Electronic

Acoustic Indie Pop from UK for fans of Jon Bellion. - Jotsey: Colours

Combines acoustic guitar, percussion, and a buttery bass line with pop melodies and a potful of romantic frustration.
. Electronic

Electro Pop for fans of Björk. - The Luxury of Being Human: Stories

The strong commitment to a downtempo style of groove and an inspiring use of melody.
. Dance

Hooky Synth Pop. - Qinn: Echo

The dance-friendly pocket pairs well with themes of electro-pop and a dazzling vocal harmony.
. Indie Rock

Electronic Alt Rock FFO Bat For Lashes. - Natalie Walker: Starry Eyed Kids

A blissfully pure combination of straight, snare-heavy groove, and an alt-rock vocal delivery drenched in hooks.
. Indie Rock

Vulnerable Electro Pop. - Lauren Sanderson: Hotel Room (Music Video)

A danceable production leverages this story of attraction into a wine-and-cigarettes parable about living for the moment.
. Soul

Indie Pop from Australia FFO Lana Del Rey. - Evie Irie: Stupid Things (Music Video)

Makes a powerful demand for glorious, imperfect autonomy.
. Electronic

Dynamic Electro Pop Debut. - LVRBOY: now that i'm leaving

Only in the final hours does a profound regret pierce through the haze.
. Electronic

Instrumental Hip Hop from Ireland. - NOGYMX: Red Oceans

A beautiful moment in the rain listening to a jazz hook on acoustic piano, a melodic oriental koto, and a warm arrangement for strings.
. Electronic

FLØRE - Bikes

How many memories do I have to kill to stay alive?
. Electronic

Indie Pop FFO Moon Taxi. - Foxfire Run: Dear Mrs. Young

The moment, suspended in time, when a young love flowers into something more than just beautiful - it suddenly feels vital.