Electronic music: Electronica, Electro, Indie Electronic, Downtempo, they are all different but similar. This is such a broad genre because it touches on Indie, Dance, and Afrobeat, and above all it is easy to make high-quality recordings for one person with minimal equipment. The songs are able to shine because anyone can do anything in this space with a good idea and some ingenuity.

. Electronic

Laveda - Better Now

In a post-apocalyptic world, we explore a new kind of humanity.
. Electronic

FFO The Paper Kites. - Glass Forest: To the Ocean

The minimalist pop jam for lovers ready to fade into each other.
. Electronic

Ready for Something New. - Brodie: Down Like That ft. Josh Jacobson

The final decision is to let love lead, in the grooviest way possible.
. Dance

LA Dance Pop. - Listen to: Teddi Gold - Cash

A surprisingly cheerful track about the reality of what it takes to put those dollars in the bank.
. Electronic

Montreal Electro Pop. - Listen to Caracol: Flooded Field

Explores the fragile space between two lovers, and the honest communication needed to negotiate furious waters together.
. Electronic

Austin Electro Pop. - Daddy NAT: 1night

Sometimes, one night is all it takes.
. Electronic

LA Indie Pop. - Elli Moore: I Love To Hate You

Required listening before every first date.
. Electronic

Electronic Indie Pop. - EBEN: Plastic Angels

A statement about the way we so carefully paint the picture of of our own perfection.
. Electronic

Electro Pop from Belgium. - Napoleon Gold: Love Don't Cut Me Down

Love is the contest that we all deserve to win.
. Electronic

Berklee Grad Looks Inward. - Listen to Ariza: Someday

A moody visitation with the type of self-doubt that terrifies us, yet also drives our ambitions.
. Dance

Deep Dance - Retro Funk, Electro Pop, World, Commercial, EDM

Deep Dance is anything that makes you want to move: dance pop, indie electronic, and uptempo funk.
. Instrumental

Kip LaVie - Alyosha

A slow beginning, spent rising from the primordial suspension, that soon finds an easy groove...