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An Empowering Mix of Indie Rock and Electronic Pop. - Victoria Canal: Victoria

Krister Axel

Rich Jacques - Joy Follows Like a Shadow That Never Leaves

Krister Axel

Enigmatic Lo-Fi Grooves from Bristol. - KOKO: All Together Now

Krister Axel

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Edgy Dance Pop from Portugal and Chile. - LEROCQUE x Alejandro Reyes: Asesina

Fuses a bilingual sensibility with hints of synth-pop and industrial electronic music, with an instinct for big pop hooks and fresh rhythms.…

Emerging Pop Soul Hitmaker Connects with Fans on TikTok. - Lillian Hepler: Baddie

That rare blend of talent, passion, and personal magic.…

Electronic Pop from Toronto Delivers a Moment of Introspection. - REST ACRES: On My Mind

Puts us front-and-center in the emotional confrontation between our weaker self and the part of us that knows better than to settle for less than we deserve.…

Nashville Filipino Fuses Modern Country with RnB. - David Unlayao: Summer Like That

A sticky pop brew that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of being young, free, and read for anything.…

Bittersweet Groove from Two of Electronic Music's Brightest Stars. - LLusion x Cautious Clay: Sad4good

Brings the distinctive vocal talent of Cautious Clay together with LLusion's keyboard wizardry, under the auspices of their collective talent as producers.…

Innovative Instrumental Jam from Paris. - Samoun: Chakchouka (Music Video)

An instrumental track that mixes elements of trip hop, contemporary jazz, and downtempo into a funky lo-fi jam.…