Nicky Romero - Nights With You

Krister Axel
Hip HopElectronicUSA

ARTISTNAMELEON Pushes the Envelope of Music Innovation and Brilliance on "Let Me Know"

The Millennial General
ElectronicUKMusic Video

Ben Hughes aka Tall Children Delivers an Electric and Inspirational Message with "Last For Long"

The Millennial General

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Revisiting The Ocean Outlaw Project. - Music by Mad Zach, BROCKBEATS, Slumberville, and More

Leverages the power of music to put a spotlight on the immediate need for engagement and stewardship of our collective resource, the ocean.…

High Style and Casual Luxury from Swedish Pop Collab. - Pawl x Discrete: Type Like That

Brings to mind a late-night dance floor, intimate vibes, and expensive champagne. - photo credit: Fredrik Augustsson…

An Empowering Mix of Indie Rock and Electronic Pop. - Victoria Canal: Victoria

A spectacular vocal performance and a dynamic sound that is dressed in layers of synth-pop and vocoder-assisted production magic.…

Rich Jacques - Joy Follows Like a Shadow That Never Leaves

Mixes the electronic wizardry of SYML with the gritty folk presence of Elliott Smith.…

Enigmatic Lo-Fi Grooves from Bristol. - KOKO: All Together Now

These indie darlings share a mutual love of fusing genres - KOKO puts out eerie pop bangers as well as soft, sad songs.…

Edgy Dance Pop from Portugal and Chile. - LEROCQUE x Alejandro Reyes: Asesina

Fuses a bilingual sensibility with hints of synth-pop and industrial electronic music, with an instinct for big pop hooks and fresh rhythms.…