CHILLFILTR is a lifestyle brand based in Ashland, Oregon that is dedicated to connecting fans of indie music from around the world together with great music. We bring ideas to life. Specializing in: Lyric Writing | Music Composition and Performance | 360 Photography | Spotify Playlists | Music Blogging. --- You can find us on Twitter, SubmitHub, HumanHuman, and GumRoad.

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Depression, Introduced. - Indie Music on Tap: S2E1

Architects vs Gardeners, The Myth of Fully Automatic, and Multi-Classing. Why Are We Depressed, & What Do We Need To Let Go Of?
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Southern Oregon is Truly Gorgeous

I happen to live somewhere that I think is absolutely gorgeous, pretty much year-round.
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5 Tips for Helping Your SubmitHub Campaign to Stand Out

On SubmitHub everyone has a schedule, and knowing the specifics about it is one of the details that can help you get the most out of your premium credits.

What's New Around Here

Part of what I was so excited about with moving to Ghost is the longevity of the platform. This is my final home for CHILLFILTR content, and your song is the bond.
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Anna Tivel with Band Performing Title Track: The Question

Anna Tivel performs the title track from her new album with full band at Headwaters in Ashland, Oregon.
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Andy Frasco & the UN Perform at the Talent Club in Talent, Oregon

This is the type of hedonistic self-sabotage that just feels right every once in a while. -live video and photography by

Ashland, Oregon: CHILLFILTR Celebrates 1 Year of Independent Music Reviews

Thank you to all the record labels, publicity shops, and individual artists that send their songs in for coverage.

Introducing CHILLFILTR 2.0

This is a true 2.0 rollout, in the sense that I have a full handle on what my tech needs are now, as well as a full handle on what the visual aesthetic needs to be.

The Rules of Engagement

If all the world is a stage... what will you do with yours?

Our Policy On Found Photos

Sometimes our ideas go to press in a matter of minutes, not hours, which is why you will find music here today that you won't see on your own feed for a few days yet.
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CHILLFILTR Roots Collection Playlist

Featuring the roots of Folk, Rock, Blues, Soul & Country.
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Podcast: Indie Music on Tap

Season 2 is coming in August. We will be discussing depression, and how it affects musicians and other creatives.