Evocative Chillhop Grooves from Hamilton, Canada. - [zoethecat]: hazy

Krister Axel

Electro Pop Phenom from Ontario Drops New Single for Wax Records. - noelle: Shades of Blue

Krister Axel

Contemplative Electro Pop from Canada with Hints of Soul. - NIIVA: Love Games (Music Video)

Krister Axel

Other news in Canada

Groundbreaking Indie Folk from Toronto. - Abigail Lapell: Down By The Water (Music Video)

Alongside an enduring reverence for the sound of Appalachian folk music, Abigail Lapell lays out a truly unique blueprint for modern folk-inspired pop music. - photo credit: Jen Squires…

Upbeat Indie Rock from Ottawa. - Hopper: Caught in the Moment

An urgent quarter-note pulse, loud guitars, and an inspired lead vocal performance underscore the simple message that the youth of the world are ready to be leaders.…

Fiery Electro Pop from Toronto Embraces Female Empowerment. - LU KALA: Body Knew

Redefining what it means to be a pop star, one infectious track at a time.…

Stirring Indie Pop Soul from Montreal Challenges Materialism. - Miko: Credit Cards & Broken Hearts

There is a deeper truth that lies beyond habits of material possession, that we only see when we step back from the fray of a modern attention economy.…

Dynamic and Organic Instrumental from British Columbia. - Omar Raafat: Hourglass

With a quiet and ethereal intro on acoustic piano, "Hourglass" builds to a satisfying crescendo of gorgeous strings and electronic beats.…

Ebullient Dance Pop from Toronto. - Crash Adams: Ooh! (Music Video)

This ebullient and primal intoxication goes down fast with big bass, disco harmonies, and all the awesome dance moves you'll ever need. Just watch.…