Sultry Dance Pop from Canada. - Kiesza: Love Me With Your Lie (Music Video)

Krister Axel
Folk PopCanada

Haunting Roots Pop for Fans of Adrianne Lenker. - Vikki Gilmore: Doubt of My Mind

Krister Axel

Electronic Pop from Toronto Delivers a Moment of Introspection. - REST ACRES: On My Mind

Krister Axel

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Listen to This Dreamy Lo-Fi Jam from Montreal. - Hansom Ēli: Summer Rise (Music Video)

Sophisticated yet uncomplicated, unique yet approachable, and unapologetically bilingual.…

Edgy and Aggressive Indie Rock from Toronto. - DYLYN: Call Me What You Want (Music Video)

Relish the self-affirming, party-all-night mojo of a pop star on the rise.…

Orchestral Alt Folk from Montreal. - Jim Audet: The Buzzman

A statement about the showdown between artistic inspiration and the greedy forces of commercial appropriation.…

Social Commentary Disguised as Smooth Hip Hop from Toronto. - King Bliss: Chalice

Documents a harsh day-to-day reality, and the instinct that is necessary to survive in a world of systemic injustice and double standards.…

Hazy Dream Pop from Ontario. - Jaguar Sun: Those Days

Represents that last moment of allowing ourselves to bask in the fuzzy warmth of old love.…

Poignant Folk Pop from Toronto’s Regent Park. - Mustafa: Stay Alive

Modern life was not meant to be a never-ending fight for survival. Yet, here we are.…