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Listen to This Dreamy Lo-Fi Jam from Montreal. - Hansom Ēli: Summer Rise (Music Video)

Krister Axel
Indie RockCanadaMusic Video

Edgy and Aggressive Indie Rock from Toronto. - DYLYN: Call Me What You Want (Music Video)

Krister Axel
Indie RockCanada

Orchestral Alt Folk from Montreal. - Jim Audet: The Buzzman

Krister Axel

Other news in Canada

Social Commentary Disguised as Smooth Hip Hop from Toronto. - King Bliss: Chalice

Documents a harsh day-to-day reality, and the instinct that is necessary to survive in a world of systemic injustice and double standards.…

Hazy Dream Pop from Ontario. - Jaguar Sun: Those Days

Represents that last moment of allowing ourselves to bask in the fuzzy warmth of old love.…

Poignant Folk Pop from Toronto’s Regent Park. - Mustafa: Stay Alive

Modern life was not meant to be a never-ending fight for survival. Yet, here we are.…

Soulful Country Folk from Montreal. - Mike McKenna Jr: High Ground

Outlines the mental process of taking a moment to observe a thunderstorm, and in a larger sense, the redemptive value of self-reflection.…

Evocative Chillhop Grooves from Hamilton, Canada. - [zoethecat]: hazy

This laid-back groove was designed to emulate the morning experience of being awake and on the street, just before the city comes alive.…

Electro Pop Phenom from Ontario Drops New Single for Wax Records. - noelle: Shades of Blue

A fearless and vulnerable lyricism pairs with well-polished production vibes and an exceptional melodic hook to explore the complex reality of life as a teenager today.…