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This Lighthearted Love Song from Melbourne Explores the Fantasy of Infatuation. - Nat Vazer: For A Moment (Music Video)

Krister Axel
Indie RockAustraliaEU

Upbeat Indie Pop from Berlin. - Parcels: Live From Hansa Studios, Berlin (Vol. 1) [Music Video]

Krister Axel

Soulful Electro Pop from Australia. - St. South: Growing Up (Music Video)

Krister Axel

Other news in Australia

Ambient Music from Melbourne Mimics the Sound of a Sunrise. - IKSRE: August

Offers us the strength to live beyond a temporary darkness, one moment at a time.…

Evocative Folk Pop from Berlin for Fans of Elliott Smith. - Elkvilla: Hunting

Explores the dismal routines of celibacy and the rarity of true romantic connection, set in contrast against the bustle of a modern metropolis.…

Electro Pop from Australia for Fans of Billie Eilish. - Eluera: Good Girl (Music Video)

Is this just a temporary rebound-love? Were we doomed from the start?…

DIY Electro Pop from Lebanon and Australia. - Imad x Robbie Koex x Sam Phay: Altar

Explores the cold, harsh side of winter, and the salvation to be found in the warmth of a romantic connection.…

Groovy Electro Jams for Fans of Shallou. - Kaption: Emotional

Explores the juxtaposition of heartbreak with a search for deliverance, and lays down a groove that borrows equally from Shallou and Wingtip.…

Simmering Soul from NYC and Melbourne. - Houis x Blush'ko: Pretend Goodbye

Sadly, love does not always find a way to persist.…