Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia,[12] is a sovereign country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and numerous smaller islands.

. Folk Pop

Roots Folk from Australia FFO Alexi Murdoch. - Michael Dunstan: An Open Road (Music Video)

Acoustic guitar, vocal harmony, and the sound of a kick drum is all it takes to project an image of peace and solitude across the impenetrable sky.
. Folk Pop

Courageous Folk Pop from Australia. - Hollow Coves: Borderlines

All that is necessary is the courage to step forward, into the mystery of a road less traveled by.
. Soul

Indie Pop from Australia FFO Lana Del Rey. - Evie Irie: Stupid Things (Music Video)

Makes a powerful demand for glorious, imperfect autonomy.
. Folk Pop

Fresh Indie Pop from Melbourne. - Harrison Storm: Falling Down

Assembles a visual metaphor for the loss of control to which we all must yield in matters of the heart.
. Folk Pop

Electro Pop from Australia. - Shirina: I Only Hate You Cause I Love You

A final analysis of what can be learned from having your heart broken to pieces.
. Electronic

Downtempo Indie Pop from Australia + Canada. - The Sleeves: Baby

Mixes elements of Roxy Music, Post Malone, and Peter Bradley Adams.
. Folk Pop

Australian Folk Pop. - Lucas Laufen: A Million Miles from Love

Tells a deeply symbolic story about how easy it is to be attached to all the wrong things.
. Electronic

FFO Hozier. - Listen to Vorsen: Say All The Right Things

Lays bare a beautiful fury against the cold solitude of life.
. Folk Pop

Hollow Coves - When We Were Young

A unique language of the soul, written with heartbreak and redemption, and a sort of wisdom that is grateful for all of the little things. photo credit: Nick G
. Indie Rock

Brisbane Indie Pop. - Hazlett: Suncats

Everything can be beautiful. It's just that sometimes, you have to wait.
. Folk Pop

Amistat - Love & Light

Amistat have crafted a sound which feels both spiritual and soothing.
. Electronic

upsidedownhead - circulate ft. PLGRMS

Stimulates the heart and mind with an urgent call to continue moving forward.