Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia,[12] is a sovereign country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and numerous smaller islands.

. Indie Rock

Brisbane Indie Pop. - Hazlett: Suncats

Everything can be beautiful. It's just that sometimes, you just have to wait.
. Folk Pop

Amistat - Love & Light

Amistat have crafted a sound which feels both spiritual and soothing.
. Electronic

upsidedownhead - circulate ft. PLGRMS

Stimulates the heart and mind with an urgent call to continue moving forward.
. Instrumental

Alexander Wright - Metamorphosis

A smooth minute feeling the connection between downtempo percussion, a kick-drum pulse, and tuneful synth artistry.
. Indie Rock

Bohemian Dream Pop. - Harry Nathan: Fool For Your Love

Even in our darkest moments, personal salvation is just a thought away.
. Electronic

For Fans of Post Malone. - Chase Atlantic: HER

A waking dream that joins passion with opulence and the innocence of youth.
. Indie Rock

Australian Indie-Pop. - Daggy Man: Is It Hard To Love Me?

A casual and melodic indie-pop experience augmented by a genuine sense of self-discovery.
. Roots

Americana from Australia. - Good Will Remedy: Caroline

Discovers a way to celebrate the fact that things don’t always work out.
. Electronic

Brisbane Singer-Songwriter. - Hazlett: Fireworks

Emotional honesty that rings true as a self-affirmation: whoever I am, I am now.
. Instrumental

Ambient Electronica from Melbourne. - Listen to Kendl: Ella

This type of spacious mix and gentle groove-making can be the perfect mood for a productive morning.
. Indie Rock

Aussie Indie Rock. - Listen to Camarano: When I Had Infinity

It is never too late to be the person you want to be.
. Folk Pop

Daggy Man - Zen And The Cookie (Rescue Dog)

It is the sound of your most private thoughts.