Weekly Winner. - Introducing: Lies by Artriade

Krister Axel
Hip HopAsia

A Mellow Mix of RnB and Hip Hop from India. - Tushar Mathur x Shayan Roy: Stepping About

Krister Axel

Underground Bedroom Pop Star Sings in English and Korean. - Yaeji: Waking Up Down (Music Video)

Krister Axel

Other news in Asia

DIY Electro Pop from Lebanon and Australia. - Imad x Robbie Koex x Sam Phay: Altar

Explores the cold, harsh side of winter, and the salvation to be found in the warmth of a romantic connection.…

Roots Music Live from Bethlehem - Rola Azar: La Mayla, Al Moya (Delia Sessions)

This heartfelt music is an enduring and poignant reminder that where there is art, there is hope for a better future.…

Funky House Grooves from China for Fans of Disclosure. - TSUNANO: Educational (Music Video)

This infectious track will have you hitting replay with hints of jazz-chord voicing, deep dance beats, and a bubbling synth bass.…

Sultry International Pop from Warsaw and Mumbai. - Natalia Lesz & Sonu Nigam: Fire in the Sky (Music Video)

An ode to romantic destiny that bristles with the tides of the ocean and the restlessness of impatient love.…

In Support of Personal Freedom. - Pussy Riot x Vic Mensa x Junglepussy: Hangerz

Pussy Riot represents the power of collective action, and is at the forefront of a worldwide movement that uses popular music to speak truth to power. photo credit: Neil Krug…

Korean Hip Hop. - Lisofv: Gateway To The Real World

A shuffle-groove worthy of Bernard Purdie himself.…