Edgy Dance Pop from Portugal and Chile. - LEROCQUE x Alejandro Reyes: Asesina

Krister Axel

All-Star Latin Dance Pop Collaboration Drops Summer Anthem of the Year. - R3HAB, TINI & Reik: Bésame (I Need You)

Krister Axel
Indie RockAmericaMusic Video

Ascendant, Gloomy Dance Rock Gives Nod to LCD Soundsystem and Simple Minds. - Rey Pila: Let It Burn (Music Video)

Krister Axel

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Soul-Funk from Mexico. - Listen to Georgel: Colibrí

The fantasy of having a perfect moment in the spotlight where everyone is beautiful, and they’re all looking at you.…

Nicola Carrara - Tobogán

Part of the appeal here is the element of surprise, thinking where this is going to go and then being wrong.…

Ane Diaz - Allè Viene Un Corazòn

A simple triplet shuffle on the snare with brushes, some tasty harmonies, and a bleeding soul. Sometimes that is all it takes.…

Maria Rui - Bola de Sabão

Melody wins, every time. This kind of lazy tunefulness is the mark of Maria Rui, and I would say in a larger sense, Brazilian acoustic pop itself.…