Eclectic Soul Pop from Nigeria Finds Inspiration in the Search for Love. - Yotan: Oyin

Krister Axel
Folk PopAfricaLyric video

Infectious Acoustic Indie Pop from South Africa. - Matt Carstens: High

Krister Axel
ElectronicAfricaLyric video

RnB-Flavored Electro Jam from Cameroon. - Suhz8: Djoum Dans Le Zen

Krister Axel

Other news in Africa

World Pop with Roots in Mali. - Awa Mangara: Yala Yala (Official video)

Explores both the physical rapture of movement as well as the magic of a perfect union.…

JPson - Hope For Change

JPson is not the first to put together bass, drums, acoustic guitar in a way that feels both unforced and spiritual.…

Nana Adjoa - Simple Things

The secret sauce is a backbeat-heavy counterpoint between the guitars and the vocal over a lazy tick-tock groove.…

Ben Laver feat. Vian Izak - Save My Heart

You can feel the different instruments undulating into and out of focus, like a boat on the water, moving with the tide.…

Saba Abraha - Utopia

It's a thoughtful shuffle-stick-jam with synth poured over the top like so much Cognac.…

Saba Abraha - Do's And Dont's

It's an exceptional vocal, a needed message, and a dynamic mix that combines deep electronic swing, some huge kick drum drops, and a lot of production candy.…