Tell Me a Story. - Episode 1: Decisions

As adults, the world gets pretty complicated.

Tell Me a Story. - Episode 1: Decisions

Today I am proud to announce our first episode of Tell Me a Story. The theme for this one is decisions - the choices that we make, as adults, and how they can affect our lives.

Featuring work by Mark Shapiro, Sarah Law, Cat Hubka, and Tim Tomlinson. A new episode of TMaS posts every other Friday - you can listen here, on our radio broadcast at CHILLFILTR Radio (2p and 6pm PST Friday and Saturday), or on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and Stitcher.


The works in this episode are featured below.

In Clover - a Short Story by Marc Shapiro
The concept of ‘making it’ boils down to where you’re at.
Washrooms. - a Short Story by Cat Hubka
Sexual abuse, martial infidelity, and abandonment: some things don’t wash off easily.
Holy Mile at Walsingham - a Poem by Sarah Law
A short poetic pilgrimage.
An Outrageous Proposal. - a short story by Tim Tomlinson
Octogenarian desire, Scarlatti keyboards, and a Rothko in maroon: how can a young man resist?

Hello and welcome to Tell Me a Story, where we feature poems, essays, and short stories from the CHILLFILTR Review, and bring them to you audiobook style. For episode 1, our theme is simply choices - or decisions. As adults, the world gets pretty complicated. I am the proud father of two children, ages 4 and 7, and it's just fascinating to think of how important a concept like choice is to them. When they get to choose what they're going to wear for the day, or what they're going to have for lunch, there is a really intense joy that they get from that sense of self-actualization - and as adults, I think we get tired of making choices.


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