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Submit for Album Spotlight Consideration

Submit for Album Spotlight Consideration


This is not a guarantee of coverage. This is a facilitation portal for submitting multiple songs at one time. The cost here is calculated as follows:

  • 10 songs average per album;

  • $2 submission fee per song;

  • $9 convenience/rush fee

You will receive a response within 24 hours. I will listen to up to 10 tracks, and provide extensive feedback. If I like it, we can choose a date together for the album spotlight to go live.

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We review hundreds of songs per month, and average 2 features per day. If you have just one song for us to listen to, please just submit here. If you are interested in consideration for a full album review, please apply. If you would like to support CHILLFILTR in another way, feel free to buy some apparel or consider sponsorship.