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Professional Artist Biography

Professional Artist Biography

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We now publish directly to Apple News. If you are chosen, meaning I can find at least 1 song to connect to from the artist, then the piece will publish to the CHILLFILTR Apple News channel.

Depending on the artist, the length will vary, but typically our bios are 250-400 words. Please be as thorough as possible with the information form, and we will reach out if we have questions.

Ready within 3 business days. If you are not chosen, you will be issued a partial refund - I will keep the album submission price, and you will receive feedback in that format. The remainder will be issued to you (you will get $141). So please try to make sure I am already into the artist, and if you are not sure, just start with 1 song.

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We now publish directly to Apple News on our own channel.

Both artists and publicists are able to farm out their copy work to us because they know the style, and they know it will turn out well, and without headaches.

Use a bio piece from CHILLFILTR as the centerpiece of a press release, or as a bio link for personal or business.