Song Contest for September. (v2)

Top songs will go on to round 2 as part of our Fresh Finds playlist. Share this page with your friends to collect more votes.

Song Contest for September. (v2)

Round 1 is finished.

The winners are:

1st place: On the Way Down by Aaron Tinjum and the Tangents
2nd place: Stranded by Christine Nguyen
3rd place: Swirling by Kevin Everything

Honorable mention:

Annie (Many Moons Ago) by Matt McGinn
Toxic by Alexis NoBox
Death by Walrus by Black Hole Bears
California by Random Dogs
Bacc To Ballin by Marzae
Unemployed by Lewis Kelly
He Sells Sea Shells by Cait
Anymore by Lila Tristram
End Effect by BLACKPITCH
Wrist flooded by Lil BaNgZ
Dark Horizon by Mordente
Tell Me If You Hear Me by Smiz The Moneykid

Vote for your favorites every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at noon this month on our Fresh Finds playlist. Just listen for your favorite songs and click the thumbs up when it's playing.

Welcome to our new, improved song contest. As always: feel free to vote for multiple tracks. Clap button courtesy of Applause. Top songs will get a blog shout-out and a guaranteed playlist spot. Share this page with your friends to collect more votes.

Voting will continue until Friday, October 2nd.

These are the rules:

  1. No Soundcloud songs, because there is no easy way to filter out private links.
  2. No album links, single song shares only.
  3. For now, we support YouTube and Spotify.
  4. If you sent in more than one song, I picked my fave. :)
  5. If you are not on this list and expected to be, it is because your song has not released yet, or your streaming link was no compatible with my script. :(

Submissions for the next round can be made here.

Thank you for supporting independent music. If you have any issues voting, please contact me here.

Cover photo courtesy of Juan Di Nella.


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