I had a friend once who said you should start a podcast. Then I had another friend once who said I really like your podcast. That was enough for me to get through 16 episodes. Now I make lyric videos, because that seems like a better use of my time. Season 2 of Indie Music On Tap is available now, and will always be available on our Vimeo channel, because I made a video feed for each episode. But the first season was Audio Only, and that's why I made this page. Because we just pulled the podcast out of Spotify and a lot of the usual suspects for streaming podcasts. I realized that the podcast community is not exactly my market - such is life. My numbers didn't grow adequately, but I still stand by the messaging and I will always be proud of this first season of Indie Music On Tap which really helped me find my voice. So here it is now for the sake of historicity, a word I learned in my college class on Taoism.

Episode 1.

Episode 2.

Episode 3.

Episode 4.

Episode 5.

Episode 6.

Episode 7.

Episode 8.

Episode 9.

Episode 10.

In 2 seasons, we never got ahead of 20 downloads in a single day. But I hope that someone heard the message: which is that we all get to be who we are, and some personality-types enjoy more support than others. But we all deserve to be here.