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Our Policy On Found Photos

. 1 min read . Written by Krister Axel
Our Policy On Found Photos

We have a pretty compressed timeline over here at CHILLFILTR. Sometimes our ideas go to press in a matter of minutes, not hours, which is why you will find music here today that you won't see on your own feed for a few days yet. That is a big part of what we are doing here, speeding information to market. Often we just google a band's release, or even just the band. We spend time to find the right photos and make sure that they are in some way objectively flattering.

the magic of google image search.

the magic of google image search.

Anything that shows up not explicitly copy-protected will be used unless we are notified otherwise.

If we are using a photo that belongs to you and you would like us to either append a credit, add a watermark, or remove the image entirely from our server, please contact us and allow 48 hours for compliance. Thanks!

Our only effort in using these photos is for publicity with regard to the respective artists; we do not keep or profit from them, or reproduce them in any other way than for optimizing our users' mobile and desktop experiences by adding compelling graphics to complement the music we are blogging about.