From a solo 3am piano session after a questionable night out comes Chocolate and Red Wine: a heady mix of introspection, romance, and wistful imagination. This moody single from NATA features a lyrical reflection about feeling hesitant in love, and explores the dynamics of self-blame for having caught feelings for the wrong person.

Chocolate and Red Wine narrates the mystery between love interests, and mimics the dynamic push and pull of a real-life relationship. Nata is a trilingual, 21-year-old Moldovan singer-songwriter based in West London, who highlights the subjects of vulnerability, love, and homesickness from a core aesthetic grounded in classical-music training, and an abiding love of modern pop. With her debut single Nata makes a bold entrance into the world of empowering, orchestral ballads, and sets up a quick rise to prominence for her gorgeous voice and effortless hand on acoustic piano.

This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.