This 23-year-old Australian starlet blends an effortless sexuality with an understated vocal hook, and brings together elements of trap, electronica, and R&B to create a powerful new pop sound. The release of "Unicorn" represents a years-long dedication to the craft of songwriting for MzUki, and her forthcoming EP "Power Moves" is sure to both set the world on fire, and put her breakout career in motion.

With an intrepid sense of style, MzUki speaks to every soul with the knowledge that they were made for more, showcasing a sultry flow that transcends space and time. At once both rhythmic and ethereal, "Unicorn" leaves the listener with no choice but to rejoice in the celebration of divine possibility, and inspires individual empowerment through the reminder that we all have a unique spirit that deserves recognition. A smooth mix by @himaliamusic showcases MzUki's ability to captivate an audience with a combination of fantasy and raw femininity.

This song is featured on our Groovy Summer playlist.

Directed by @icaruscreative

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