With synth-based swirls, subtle piano, and ambient electric guitar we are presented with a nostalgic yearning for the simple life, and the feeling of sitting fireside with close friends. As Michael Dunstan's understated lead vocal wanders through golden memories of tranquil south coast Western Australia we are gently reminded that within insignificance lies a profound sense of freedom.

An Open Road was mastered in the US by the Grammy-award winning Adam Ayan and recorded in Western Australia with Andrew Lawson at Debaser Studios. Nestled in bushland among the foothills of Perth, the quiet setting of the studio was perfect for evoking the effortless tranquility that lies at the core of this track. Time itself almost stops, as we explore a deep appreciation for all that is present to us, and the infinite possibility of imagination itself. A finger-style acoustic guitar, vocal harmony, and the sound of a kick drum is all it takes to project an image of peace and solitude across the impenetrable sky.

I want to swim at last light
And bathe in all the beauty of this life

‘An Open Road’ is available on all digital platforms worldwide. This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.