Groovy Retro Soul from Philadelphia. - Melvin Darrell x Samryebread: Grease Fire

Groovy Retro Soul from Philadelphia. - Melvin Darrell x Samryebread: Grease Fire

Sam Rosen (aka Samryebread) began her music career in Philadelphia at MilkBoy the Studio in 2015. Along with her skills on electric piano and funky-smooth lead vocal, she decided long ago to expand her creative range with a focus on the craft of music production. Melvin Darrell is a music producer, audio engineer, and songwriter, also from Philadelphia.

After a casual writing session together, Darrell, Samryebread, and Kyle Sparkman came up with "Grease Fire," an organic, indie-rock burner laced with big jazz-bass tones and the sound of vintage drums. The lyrics for this mix of pop and retro-soul celebrate Sam’s carefree spirit, while the feel is groovy and uncomplicated. As we prepare for the lazy days summer, this ode to personal zen strikes the perfect tone for an afternoon jam. Samryebread's easy vocal performance mixes hints of whispered catharsis with the barely-repressed urge to 'throw it all away.'

I’m no good at keeping it together
I’d rather trade up my grace for pleasure
We could start a fire have a grease fight in your backyard
If the stench is too much we can move onto another
Let’s get reckless
Throw it all away

Sam was given the nickname "Trash Can" by her mother’s teaching assistant. This song is featured on our Soul playlist.

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