Every now and then, you need a country-fried Friday Night boot-tapper, and here it is. You get the slide guitar, the barroom piano, the B3, the dirty electric guitar, and the Mississippi saxophone. It’s all there, along with the lyrical stake-in-the-ground that supports every self-respecting country song: this is who I am. Nothing is going to change me.

That is always where it starts, yet there is always a way to change the conversation. Often, there is alcohol involved. The only thing you really need for a good time is a few friends and somewhere to trade stories at.

I’ll be down at the bar, drinking ice-cold beer and strumming my guitar

The country inflections here all feel right, like you walked into a roadhouse at the end of a hot set. It’s a feel-good track, and an ode to the local watering hole, wrapped in a country-roots pocket.

Born and raised in Memphis, TN, Mac McDaniel is a country singer songwriter with songs rooted in hometown blues intertwined with traditional country melodies. This song is featured on our Country playlist.