This review was originally published in June of 2018.

It's so open, so spacious, with a voice that feels like it hurts; such raw emotion, wrapped in ghost notes, surrounded by remnant whispers of reverb. It's gorgeous, and then the beat kicks in, giving it a gated hi-energy drum sound. The lyrics double up, the dynamics rise, and I hear echoes of Land of Talk.

What I love most about this song is the truly unique character, the non-conformist arrangement that is full of surprises. And of course, the lyrics. This gives voice to that dirty yet attractive emotional space between two souls still figuring out the rules:

“If I want I can touch you if I want I can scream
You’re gonna take it all in cause it’s what you believe
Just admit it
You want to fit in?”— Liza

Liza is a singer-songwriter from Richmond, Virginia. This song is currently featured on our Rainy Day playlist.