UK Star on the Rise. - Liv Dawson: Pushing 21

Resonates as a coming-of-age anthem for anyone that craves a taste of success. -photo credit: Conor Clinch

UK Star on the Rise. - Liv Dawson: Pushing 21

Combining an electric whisper and a seething sense of sexy-cool, Liv Dawson throws down her theme for the coming-of-age that is the 21st birthday. With Pushing 21, her latest single, Liv Dawson takes a reflective and introspective look at her own life.

Liv Dawson: I really wanted empowerment and unity to be a key factor, and I think we’ve nailed it! The story is based on me doing a ‘bad’ gig, with only one person in the crowd. As the video goes on, I begin to enjoy my performance a lot more, and just decide to go for it.

With over 42 million streams to date, support slots for Tom Walker, Jessie Ware, Honne and Khalid under her belt, 2019 is gearing up to be an incredible year for Liv. Pushing 21 is an apt follow-up to her previous EP Bedroom and a bold step towards superstardom. Armed with new tracks that are more beautiful and brutally honest than ever, Liv Dawson is ready for the next chapter of her exciting career. Pushing 21 will resonate as a sympathetic anthem for anyone that craves a taste of success.

I’ve gotta find my place
Got no more time to waste
You can’t keep up with my pace

Liv Dawson is a songwriter and performer from Shepperton in the United Kingdom. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.

-photo credit: Conor Clinch


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