This review was originally published in June of 2018.

The amount of effortless groove here is impressive: a fuzz bass, some authentic room-sound drums, little notes on the Wurlitzer, a string arrangement, and some really versatile vocals. It's a turn-around chorus, like something Nora Jones would do, just bringing it back home on every eighth bar, which sets up the bridge.

Perfectly assembled, intriguing, and a little bit sexy; the la-la-la harmonies bring it to a top 40 pop thing from the 70s, and the strings keep it there. It's a mid-tempo afternoon happy hour with an R&B rhythm section and someone special on the mind. Someone, perhaps, soon to be replaced:

“I know that you’re all tied in someone else’s arms
but don’t deny, I’m coming across your mind
and baby I would love you most”— Laura Jean Anderson

LA-based Laura Jean Anderson is a new artist and vocal powerhouse.

Photo credit: thelacorner