Bringing the beach to your ears, L E A works alongside instrumentalists and producers to create the atmosphere of crashing waves and city nightlife. Lovingly self-described as 'extroverted noise,' this new single from L E A in collaboration with newcomer Jasper brings a dance-friendly rhythm to the purview of a difficult relationship.

"Kiss and Make Up" features big energy, a pulsing beat, and the common theme that some relationships are too bad to be good, but can still keep us hooked. When friendship tangles up with love and sexuality, anything can happen, and often does. L E A and Jasper deliver a mix of electro-pop and EDM on a bed of synth-laden pop groove, with the message that when it feels right, even mistakes can be fun.

Moved on, yeah I'm done
My hand on the shotgun
I killed the idea of you

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This song is featured on our Soul playlist.

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