This post was originally published in September 2018.

If you haven't heard of Kurt Vile yet, you are missing out. His sound more or less defines modern lo-fi folk rock, and his live shows are a staple of music festivals around the world: you might hear him (with support from The Violators) at the Take Root Festival this October in Groningen, Netherlands, or Dublin, or Brooklyn, this November. It's a roots band backing this bardic guru of young seekers everywhere.

Some interesting guitar lines through a vocoder, lyrics which feel half sung and half spoken, and a sense that this is the sound of something different, something creative; it's water in this desert of sameness that our pop landscape has become. And there is this feeling that the music here is just a bit raw, very human, and unadorned; it's not exactly alt-folk, it's not exactly anything, it's Kurt Vile.

Kurt Vile is a folk singer-songwriter and a founder/early contributor of Indie Rock band The War on Drugs. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.