I recorded this song in my buddy's living room, more than a decade ago. I thought I had lost the master, but it finally showed up on an old hard drive. I contacted my good friend booleep for some custom artwork, and our single is in pre-release on all streaming platforms. If you have a minute, please click through to preview the track on your favorite platform. If I can get some early listens, I might make it on to a Spotify playlist. Ya never know.

This roots-and-reggae track features a core groove on electric bass, cajon, and acoustic guitar. A little dirty electric guitar over the top, some riffs on the piano, baritone vocals from your truly, and a vibe about letting the stress fall away. I had a lot of fun going through old photos for this one. It was only ten years ago, but so much has happened. The 'chill' in CHILLFILTR® can be traced directly to this song, lol. And, this might be the only song that I have ever played electric bass. Someone had to!

Just a little bit of easy is what I always needed.
cover art by booleep

Cajon: Angel Roché Jr.
Vocals, guitar, piano, bass: Krister Axel
Produced by Krister Axel and Angel Roché Jr.
Mixed by Angel Roché Jr.


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