This post was originally published in November 2018.

Groove. It’s that simple. KLANGPLANET releases Midnight: after a decade writing songs for other artists affiliated with Universal Music Publishing, and last year releasing Eternity, Frieder Mollat continues to drop instrumental singles with a soul-inflected style.

We spend a lot of time curating our Instrumental playlist, and this is a good example of the kind of mid-tempo soul groove we like to feature on that channel.

It’s a feel-good bounce, some slightly-muted Rhodes tones, and a bass line fatter than a Cuban stogie. The movement goes from air to earth; from a wide open and delicate intro on the piano to the deep groove and some solo hooks, to strings over the breakdown, and back again. Something about that circular movement feels comforting, and an acoustic guitar solo does a good job of changing the energy; it’s that secret of switching elements: between the keyboard, the funk guitar, the bass, and the drum groove, there’s always something coming and going.

Frieder Mollat is a Munich-based songwriter and producer. This song is featured on our Instrumental - Trip Hop playlist.