Electro Pop. - Listen to KING GVPSV: Oceans

A lustrous message of empowerment for the true you.

Electro Pop. - Listen to KING GVPSV: Oceans

You may know Mehcad Brooks from his role as James Olsen on the CBS/The CW drama Supergirl, but it should come as no surprise that he is also a talented musical artist. Oceans is his follow-up to last year’s full-length release May 20TH, which has already pushed far beyond a million spins.

With a broad spectrum of vocal performance, much like his contemporary Cautious Clay, KING GVPSV brings together electronic elements with soul-influenced vocals and a pop-friendly RnB flavor. The result is a dynamic blend of synth hooks and big melody, with an undercurrent of emotional real-talk.

Heaven hold me I’m a believer, if I could only swallow my pride

The message is a hopeful one: of there being redemption and abundance just beyond that leap-of-faith that confidence requires. KING GVPSV is in his zone - from the deep harmony, to the understated chorus theme, Oceans is a lustrous message of empowerment for the true you.

From True Blood to Glory Road, Desperate Housewives to Supergirl, Mehcad has entertained the world for over 10 years. It's unforgivable not to live your dream, and music is his. This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.


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