Kin Hana - You

Kin Hana - You

With a clear and unadorned vocal patina, Aaron Carroll Hodges quickly strikes a vocal affect that feels like goth-folk theater. As two sides of a coin, the vocal theme and the guitar work both build independently, adding layers and complexity at a roughly equal rate over the course of the song.

It's a lesson in purity of message: the quest for adequate communication, both to accommodate love and celebrate it, used as a vehicle to explore the vastness of self. The raw and personal nature of both the lyrics and the performance create a poignant and bittersweet finish. 'You' is the newest track Kin Hana has released from the album called Au Sable due out on August 24th via his own Black Meadow imprint.

Aaron Carroll Hodges is a musician, composer, and former Army Brat. Since his arrival in New York he has created a body of work that straddles the line between dark-pop, krautrock, and ambient hum inspired by the likes of The Knife, Popul Vuh, and Reinhardt Voigt.


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