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The CHILLFILTR Mission Statement

Founded in 2018 by Krister Axel, CHILLFILTR was built for one simple reason: to bring a spotlight to independent artists from around the world. With Spotify and Apple Music playlists, our free weekly song contest, daily coverage of our favorite releases, and the CHILLFILTR Review, we strive to bring the best new art to a worldwide audience by leveraging best-in-class technology to create a seamless and immersive web experience.

We welcome submissions from all walks of life, and all perspectives. We are committed to inclusivity and kindly welcome work from marginalized voices. CHILLFILTR is here to prove the point that amazing art is all around us.

Have a look around. You might just find your next favorite song, or your next favorite story.

More information about The CHILLFILTR Review is here.

Recent clients: Atlantic Records, Republic Records, Gold Atlas, Lekker Collective, Universal Music Group, and Danger Village.

Where do I submit for music coverage?

Right here.

Where can I submit my poem, short story, memoir, or essay for publication?

Right here.

How Do I Get My Own Ghost Blog?

Just click here. After years of working with WordPress, and Squarespace, I am happy to have found Ghost. I absolutely love it, and recommend it highly as an industrial-strength, cloud-based, professional blog platform. More info here.

What happened to my song? It was on your playlist, and now it’s gone.

Playlist spots are not permanent. The average length of a playlist spot is currently 4 months.

Where can I find your playlists?

Right now, there are a few places to stream our playlists:

Did I see the the piece you wrote on my band in a Facebook, Instagram, or Spotify ad?

Yes, you probably did. It may surprise you to know that a good amount of the income we get from SubmitHub is invested immediately back into advertisements, in order to get more users to visit You are welcome.

How do I support CHILLFILTR?

You can make a donation via PayPal or Venmo. Thank you for your support! Every little bit counts. Suggested donation: $5 - $10.

It also helps if you simply listen to our radio broadcast - with more listeners, more funds are allocated to our featured artists.

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Krister Axel - Editor