Leee Zimmer - no relation to Hans Zimmer - grew up in England and now lives in France as an electronic musician and sound designer. The feel of this instrumental hip hop is smooth, with understated notes on the trumpet, a slow shuffle, and a beautiful sense of movement from the live drum performance.

With Joy Of A Kind, we find a delicious balance between the 8th-note pulse and the backbeat swing, and a mix of electronic ephemera and jazz improvisation that creates a sense of suspended time. The pocket here feels familiar, like a forgotten dream, which offers us the solace of our own imagination. Joy Of A Kind, the latest from iD3, ushers in the release of Simple Beats, an EP that joins elements of downtempo, instrumental hip-hop, and jazz to offer a soothing and wordless mix of beats and deep groove.

This song is featured on our Instrumental Hip Hop playlist.