And this is my blog.

I know that soon, we will be missing some of my early posts. I have a lot of technical work to do to get this migration finished, but the good news is that this is exactly the kind of work that I did for almost 20 years. So believe it or not, I'm actually excited. Excited to do something a little bit new, excited to have a few people be surprised - and I always love bringing skill-sets together. So really there are two parts to this, and after I have found a way to bring 800 different artists song reviews from Squarespace to Ghost, I then have to recreate some of the magic that auto-posted to Apple News, for example, as well as add in a new database layer for better metrics.

I had a bit of an epiphany after being asked by an artist friend for suggestions on acts to tour with: I have a database at my disposal of active, motivated, and talented groups around the country, and the world. I have a fun time putting people together, and something tells me that is going to become a thing. I really love watching an artist get the recognition they deserve. So far I am proud to say that we were early predictors for some pretty big up-and-comers from last year. Wingtip, Leah Capelle, Cautious Clay, Grizfolk, and Samm Henshaw are just a few of the artists that we ran stories on before they were a thing. At this point, I'm gonna take that as something to be proud of.

The point of doing all this work now is that I won't have to do twice the work later. Extra points for finding Cloudinary, which has already simplified my workflow very much. By implementing true cloud high-availability and decoupling the asset hosting from the content backup, I both streamline and optimize my workflow - which means more coverage for more artists. I just want to keep doing that. Please consider supporting CHILLFILTR - either by following our playlists on Spotify, or buying something from the store. Or even just sign up for an occasional email at the bottom of this page.

And as always, if you happen to be passing through Ashland make sure to hit me up for a show review.