We love writing about Hazlett - we've covered his previous releases here and here. His music is romantic, yet unassuming, and lays bare an emotional honesty that is rare in the pop-music landscape. Hazlett writes from the heart because he’s broken just like the rest of us - and he is not afraid to bring details of his own life-experience into the world of his artistic musings.

Monsters is brought to us by the usual tandem of Hazlett and his collaborator and confidant Freddy Alexander, and gives us another preview of his much-anticipated EP due in early 2020. Inspired by a raucous bar that opened up in his hometown and the crowd that flocked to it, Monsters shines as an ode to drunk people, insecurity, and a gut feeling that everything works out in the end. Hazlett says about his new song: "If our hearts eventually land in the right place who am I to judge how we get there. We’re human, we’re gonna make mistakes. We’re all gonna be Monsters from time to time and that’s okay.”

With Monsters, Hazlett continues the tradition of building dynamic songs from a simple figure on electric guitar, coupled with his heartfelt vocal delivery and a deep-dive into to the complicated mysteries of human interaction. From his home at the top of the world, Hazlett delivers another stirring exploration of social mores, and the price we pay for self-discovery in an age of eroded personal privacy.

Are we monsters led by the things we wanted?
Longing to be more honest
Desperate to find what's haunting us

After ghostwriting and playing in various rhythm sections for most of his formative years the shy guy from down-under found a creative home in the farthest of places: Sweden. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.

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