When Gus White moved to London in September 2017 to further his studies at Goldsmiths University, he was quickly exposed to a booming scene that explored folk, roots and jazz. This led to the collaboration with a variety of musicians such as Brazilian guitarist Raphael Gimenes, jazz ensembles Fake Party and Vellichor, and singer-songwriters Laura Frances and Kristin McFadden. A long period of writing and performing with Kristin led to the genesis for much of Gus’ musical output in 2019.

On his latest single Kitchen Window, the influence is clear from Nick Drake, and with a prominent and effortless flat-picking on the acoustic guitar, White sings about seeing someone that he was once very close to, and the realization that this person was better off without him. This kind of emotional release, of decoupling the influence of the ego from the experience of life, yields a rich sense of compassion and solidarity with the world at large. When we learn to accept imperfection as the price of admission, we move into a spiritual world of simple acoustic groove and personal honesty. Kitchen Window, the latest from Gus White, is beautiful retrospective that matches an inspired sense of truth-seeking with the romantic details of an ill-fated soul-connection between lovers.

Forgotten in the day, but remembered in the night

Gus White is a singer and songwriter currently based in London. This song is featured on our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist.

-photo credit: Barbora Mrazkova