Glass Forest pairs ambient guitar swells, energetic bass, and electronic beats with atmospheric soundscapes. With a sense for melody that might remind you of The Paper Kites, the energy soothes, the harmony is effortless, and the sparse acoustic percussion pairs beautifully with a heartbeat kick-drum.

Crooning wistfully about living on love alone, we have access to the attractive simplicity of a dream that never ends. We might all do well to pause in the glow of this early crush, that moment when the future feels real and anything is possible. To the Ocean, the latest from Glass Forest, is the minimalist pop jam for lovers ready to fade into each other.

So say it again and tell me that you want me
and tell me one more time, 'cause
that's the only thing I want to hear

Glass Forest is an indie pop group based in Vancouver, Canada. This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.