Brighton Hip-Hop from RumCom. - Gi3MO: But Still

Here’s to another decade of great music and heavy drinking.

Brighton Hip-Hop from RumCom. - Gi3MO: But Still

The Slick Rick reference here is important, because it ties the whole movement together: just like Rick Rubin and Def Jam had a minute in the spotlight before the PolyGram buyout, Gi3MO - or GIZ, if you like - is a fresh-faced poster-boy for the Rum Committee, a ten-piece collective formed in Brighton, UK circa 2010.

The combination here of complex syncopation, state-of-the-scene commentary, and pure cult-of-personality creates a throwback sense of heavily-localized street cred. Coupled with an infectious sense of momentum, But Still, the latest from Gi3MO is a testament to living, Rum-style. The RumCom team has continued to carry the hip-hop torch for artists like Rag'n'Bone Man out of UK’s south coast for almost a decade, and at this point they can take a lot of the credit for creating a scene in Brighton.

Gi3MO has a sharp flow, finding his expression through some jazz and RnB flavor and a strong sense of tribalism, as well as a personal mission to see things through - such as the art of having a good time, and always sticking up for your crew.

We like to party - we don’t cause trouble we don’t bother nobody

In an increasingly-fragmented world that lives partially online, it is important to have these havens of identity for wayward, like-minded artists looking to collaborate. Gi3MO is a new favorite on the Brighton scene, and it is easy to see why - he has a natural feel, the rhymes are deep, and the look is right.

Pour a little out for the Rum Committee - here’s to another decade of great music and heavy drinking. But Still is the first drop from Gi3MO’s The Unmistakable, which is out now.

Produced by Gi3MO and right-hand man KD, ‘The Unmistakable’ still has an overarching sound that somehow ties every piece together, resulting in a coherent listening experience reminiscent of classic 90s Rap but turbo-boosted for the current gen. The clear end message? ONLY GIZ CAN DO GIZ, his unique character and style cannot be attributed to any other artist. This song is featured on our Conscious Hip Hop playlist.


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